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Resources For Developers

In line with the White House’s Digital Government Strategy, we’re making our code and data more open.

APIs For Customers

These APIs are available for use on official government websites only. You must be a customer. Sign in is required.

Search Results API — This API exposes all relevant results “modules” in a single JSON call, including: web results, best bets, health topics, job openings, recent tweets, recent news, recent videos, Federal Register documents, and related searches. Use it to pull search results from our service to display on your agency’s website or mobile applications.

Clicks API - This API is to use in parallel with the Search Results API. It allows sites that display results on their own websites to send click action data into our system for analysis.

Typeahead API - This API exposes the typeahead suggestions that often appear below your search box as searchers enter their search terms. We recommend, however, that instead of using this API you use our javascript snippet that will call the API for you.

i14y — This API is still available, but we strongly encourage the use of sitemap-based indexing instead. Read more about our indexing process here. The i14y API allows you to send content directly from your content management system (CMS) into for real-time indexing.

APIs and Data Feeds For the Public

USAJOBS API — Taps into a list of current job openings in federal agencies. The Jobs API has been deprecated. — Full list of’s APIs and data feeds available to the public. — Portal for access to APIs from across the federal government.

Source Code (Public Github Repositories)

search-gov — The source code that runs our core component app, including indexing processes, search request handling, our hosted results page, and Admin Center.

ASIS (Advanced Social Image Search) — The source code that runs our image search. ASIS indexes images from Flickr and media RSS to provide a combined search API.

i14y — The source code that runs our search engine for agencies’ published content. i14y indexes agencies’ published content, for search through our regular search channels.

Punchcard — The repository of synonyms, protected words, stop words, and other vocabularies that we use to improve the precision, recall, and usability of search results.

search-gov-website — Pages and layout for our website,

Unique Child Attribute — activerecord-validate_unique_child_attribute is an ActiveRecord extension to enforce uniqueness validations when accepting nested attributes. Works around Rails issue #4568.

Robots Tag Parser — A gem that parses X-Robots-Tag HTTP headers to aid in our indexing.