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December 2022 Newsletter

Updated metadata documentation

We’re making steady progress on our faceted search feature, and are already collecting content from page metadata for use in search. To help you prepare your websites for enhanced indexing and search filtering, we have expanded our Metadata and tags your should include in your website page. Please take a moment to review this documentation. Feel free to reach out to us ( if you have any questions.

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Let us know what you think

One tricky part of our faceted search implementation is that we already have a feature called “Facets.” This feature manages the search options that appear across the top of the results page. Because of this conflict, we will be renaming the older feature when we release our true faceted search capability. Currently, we are planning to call this older feature “Search Tabs.” We’d appreciate it if you could share your feedback on this new label by completing this survey by January 6, 2023.

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Analytics on yearly reports

Potential disruption

A few customers have reported not being able to see analytics for their search sites in their 2022 yearly report email. We are investigating a potential bug that could be causing this issue and will provide an update once it’s resolved. You can run whole-year reports for 2022 from the Admin Center (Analytics > Queries > change the date range and select Generate Report in the upper right-hand corner) or request your reports from us at Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for another great year working together

This is why we do it all!

Once again, we’re approaching the end of the year. And once again, we really want to say THANK YOU! 2022 is especially significant to our team as we were able to work on several projects that we know from your feedback are important to you, and to the public you serve.

You continue to be the source of energy that keeps us going to make your experience with us better, richer, and more efficient. And it’s because of your feedback that we can learn what you need, what needs to be improved and do our best to deliver the best possible search experience we can offer. Thank you for your partnership and your advocacy. We’re working very hard to make 2023 the year of great deliveries.

Happy holidays from the whole team!

Release Notes

Want to learn about the latest features, fixes, and focuses of the Search team? We post monthly Release Notes on our website.

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January 11, 2023