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April 2024 release notes


  • Results Page Redesign:
    • We continued to address customer questions as we near the launch of the redesigned search page.
    • We fixed click tracking for new SERP pages for all modules
    • We ddressed a number of image sizing bugs
    • We started building out migration scripts
    • We started work on faceted search filters
  • Indexing improvements:
    • We updated the indexing process to recognize and index only the canonical versions of a website.
    • We improved indexing stability by streamlining the removal of dead domains.
    • We increased the number of indexing workers to address growth in the system.
  • Updates, upgrades, and other codebase improvements:
    • We upgraded Ruby.
    • We continued to lay the groundwork for our new hosting infrastructure that will improve stability, observability, and performance of the platform.


Implemented OpenID Connect logout changes.

May 28, 2024