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December 2023 release notes


  • Results Page Redesign: We’ve continued progress on updating our frontend components.
    • We connected backend data to the user interface for several features:
      • RSS feed page
      • No results
      • Video page
      • SERP header with dynamic logo and title
      • Results and footer font
      • Colors
      • Search results count
      • File type
      • Image assests
    • We added the ability to allow the customers to see how many results are returned for related content.
    • The affiliate logo url and title is now available on SERP.
    • We’ve pluralized content found on the Federal register documents.
    • We updated the default “best bets background color” and “results title link visited color” values on our database. This will ensure the values are correct.
  • Results matching improvements
    • We continued investigations on how to run scrapy independently in a daemon.
    • Continued progression with running the SpacyModel trainer against staging copy of production data set.
  • Updates,upgrades,and other codebase improvements:
    • We addressed all findings listed in a weekly report, in continuation for our ATO period, as well as, updated our SSPP and provided the associated artifacts.
    • We updated our cookbooks to remove unused code.
    • We updated our api TLS certification.


  • We investigated and corrected React development warnings on our staging and production environments.
  • We looked into and corrected why resque-scheduler wasn’t running on our staging environment.
January 25, 2024