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February 2024 release notes


  • Results Page Redesign:
    • We updated all affiliate sites to see the redesigned results page display settings.
    • We made updates to the redesigned results page Admin Center Visual Design Settings form.
  • Results matching improvements:
    • We made enhancements to the results page such as: reordering search modules, custom fonts and colors enhancements and additions, text alignment and graphics best bet spacing adjustments, color contrast updates, truncation of long news item result descriptions, and addition of homepage link to the header logo.
  • Updates, upgrades, and other codebase improvements:
    • We upgraded MySQL.
    • We upgraded Rails.
    • Full removal of Bing API connections.


  • Redesigned results page bug fixes, including removal of “0” result count, return of “Powered by” attribution, and fixing inaccurate YouTube video timestamps on main results page.
March 13, 2024