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July 2023 Release Notes


  • Results Page Redesign: We’ve continued progress on updating our frontend components.
    • We prepared the backend data for Images Search Page and RSS feeds.
    • We implemented the user interface for some types of search results:
      • Federal Register documents
      • Health topics
      • RSS Feed
      • Videos
    • We implemented the user interface for our Search page alert feature.
    • We began internationalization for the new results page.
  • Results matching improvements:
    • We continued progress looking at alphanumeric strings, such as form numbers or policy numbers. This will support searchers looking for things like a “DD 214,” but searching for “DD214” - a subtle but technically challenging difference.
    • We built an AI model, and new staging infrastructure to support training the model.
  • Spider investigations:
    • We continued our investigation of open source spidering tools and features.
  • Updates, upgrades, and other codebase improvements:
    • We completed planning for upgrading Rails on the rest of our sub-applications.
    • We completed scrubbing certain controlled unclassified information (CUI) from our search log archives. This data is sometimes entered by searchers as query terms. Proactive scrubbing for newly searched-for CUI has long been in place.
    • We upgraded Sidekiq and Jest to the latest versions.
    • We updated Terraform, our SSL certificate, gems, and security agents.
    • We began expanding our encryption posture to include components not connected to the internet.


  • We investigated and resolved queries to a backend data interface that were timing out for larger domains.
August 30, 2023