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June 2023 Release Notes


  • Results Page Redesign: We’ve continued progress on updating our frontend components.
    • We built the Graphics Best Bets component for the new results page.
    • We added term-match highlighting to the backend data for results snippets.
    • We made sure that long URLs and descriptions display in a user-friendly manner.
    • We prepared backend data for some types of search results:
      • Jobs
      • Federal Register documents
      • Health topics
  • Indexing improvements: Our system now prioritizes customer requests for reindexing over general index maintenance.
  • Results matching improvements: In this phase we are looking at alphanumeric strings, such as form numbers or policy numbers. We created a Levenshtein model that will identify variations on strings that are “close enough” to consider matches. For example, “DD 214” and “DD214.”
  • Codebase improvements:
    • We deprecated our Twitter integration.
    • We cleaned up some code that was generating errors.
    • We removed the last pieces of code related to our deprecated Google integration.
  • Containerization: We containerized a component of our development environment.
  • Infrastructure:
    • We improved our secrets management.
    • We improved our firewall posture.
    • We improved the performance of some of our security agents.
    • We updated gems across our apps, as needed, to maintain a secure environment.


  • We completed some privacy-related tidying up.
July 18, 2023