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May 2023 Release Notes


  • Results Page Redesign: We’ve continued progress on updating our frontend components.
    • We added a button to the Admin Center to allow users to preview the new results page design. To find it, log into the Admin Center > Display > Redesigned Display.
    • We began work to update the user interface to manage the redesigned display settings in the Admin Center.
    • We added search term highlighting for the result snippet text.
    • We’ve added pagination in our results page redesign. We’ll show up to 500 pages of results.
    • We added Text Best Bets to the redesigned results page.
  • Faceted Search: We renamed a previous feature in our Admin Center from “Facets” to “Search Tabs.” This clarifies the function’s purpose, as we prepare to introduce management functions for true faceted search.
  • Results matching improvements: We have completed research to update how we match search terms with document text. In this phase we are looking at alphanumeric strings, for example form numbers or policy numbers.
  • Codebase improvements: We have continued to improve our codebase to ensure clean running and error handling. Indexing improvements: We updated several back-end processes to ensure smoother operations.
  • Containerization: Added new services to the existing container config to have the option to run all applications in containers in our development environment.
  • Infrastructure:
    • We implemented improvements to our operating system.
    • We upgraded our Lambda node version.
    • We updated gems across our apps as needed to maintain a secure environment.


  • Fixed a bug that hid search analytics from the admin center.
June 20, 2023