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October 2023 release notes


  • Results Page Redesign: We’ve continued progress on updating our frontend components.
    • We connected backend data to the user interface for several features:
      • RSS feed
      • Health topics
      • Jobs
      • Collections
      • News Label
      • Federal Register Documments
    • We added on/off toggles to the Admin Center settings. It will display the image, filetype, created date, and the updated date for search results.
    • We redesigned the “header and footer” section in the admin center. This will allow users to add primary and secondary header links, footer links, and identifiers to their website.
    • We added highlighting to the search results, so searchers can easily see the terms they searched for.
    • We added a condition that will remove the links to the legacy results settings pages in the admin center. When a site is set to use the new results page, customers will only see the relevant results page settings.
    • We integrated several existing features to the new results page:
      • Google analytics, as well as add Google tag manager
      • Third-party tracking codes
    • We added the USWDS extended header (default) and basic header to the new results page. We also added an option to the admin center so customers can choose the header layout that matches their website.
  • Results matching improvements:
    • We continued training and refining the Spacy model.
  • Updates,upgrades,and other codebase improvements:
    • We finished our investigation on viable options on our upcoming migration away from Opsworks and built a new staging environment to support testing.


  • We investigated ways on how to reduce system load when fetching and indexing urls.
November 09, 2023