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September 2023 release notes


  • Results Page Redesign: We’ve continued progress on updating our frontend components.
    • We connected backend data to the user interface for several features:
      • Related searches
      • Search page alert
      • Collections
    • We added controls to the Admin Center for the colors used on the new results page.
    • We added the ability to control image assets on the redesign display page. These image assets now contain a favicon, header logo, header logo alt text, identifier logo, and identifier logo alt text.
    • We added the ability to choose the layout of the header on the new results page. The default will be USWDS Extended, with the option to choose USWDS Basic.
    • We added our multilingual search support to the new results page, so the system text on the page matches the language the user is using.
    • We built the user interface for some types of search results:
      • Jobs
      • RSS news
      • Videos
      • The “no results” alert
  • Results matching improvements:
    • We created a dictionary that uses the distances in the Spacey model. This will bring together the relationships between words and alphanumeric strings to the search terms.
  • Updates,upgrades,and other codebase improvements:
    • We added Haitian Creole localizations to our set of supported languages, so system text can be properly displayed in that language.
    • We updated the SLS certificate for one of our components.
    • We updated our Adobe/css tools to the latest version.


  • We resolved certain error messages in the database.
October 20, 2023