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May 2022 Newsletter


New features on the way, API users collect your site’s click data, share your features requests and feedback on the new website.

New Features on the Way!

Update on Faceted Search, Indexing Improvements

Thank you to all those who participated in our initial research for supporting faceted search! We are currently finalizing the set of filters we will offer in phase 1, and the infrastructure needed to support the changes. 

In parallel, we are beginning work on improving our content indexing coverage. Part of this will be supporting our existing indexing resiliency, but this will also include two new features:

  • Automated RSS Feed-based indexing for primary web search results, for customers who cannot generate XML sitemaps for their content. This will be separate from and in addition to the RSS feed indexing currently available in the admin center.
  • Indexing content rendered by javascript, for customers using client-side technologies (for example, Angular, React, or Salesforce Community) to display content on their websites.

In next month’s newsletter, we’ll share updates on our results page redesign and user roles enhancements.

Attention Results API Users

Collect Your Site’s Click Data

The results API allows sites to pull search results for display in their own website. This API does not collect search result click data, though. Our separate click tracking API endpoint lets you send in click events to our analytics, which allows you to see click data on your Admin Click Analytics page. Follow these instructions to implement clicks API tracking for your site.

Share With Us Your Features Requests

Let Us Know What You Need But We Don’t Have Yet

We are working very hard to deliver the best possible search experience for you and your site’s visitors. Our goal is to improve our service by growing its capabilities based on our customers’ search needs. For this reason we ask you to please share with us those features that you think will make your search journey better and easier for you and your visitors. Your feedback is key to helping us make stronger. Please use this form to share your features requests. Thank you! Website Redesigned

Let Us Know What You Think

The new website has been live since January 2022. We redesigned and rebuilt it to better support federal web teams, both existing customers and those interested in learning more about our service. 

Now, almost 120 days after it was relaunched, we ask you to please share your feedback by completing this brief survey. As usual, your input is very important to us. Thank you for your time!

Take the survey

Release Notes

Want to learn about the latest features, fixes, and focuses of the Search team? We post monthly Release Notes on our website.

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May 01, 2022