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August 2022 Release Notes


  • Implement Government Banner: We’ve added the standard government site banner and our site footer to our login page.
  • General Indexing Improvements: We’ve improved our error handling when indexing domains, and now auto-retry domains that have intermittent connectivity issues.
  • ElasticSearch Upgrade: We’ve begun end-to-end testing and infrastructural support for upgrading ElasticSearch across our system.
  • Developer Improvements: We’ve made some updates and fixes to our developer environment to improve quality of life.
  • Instagram Removal: Following the updates in our April 2022 Release Notes, we’ve completed removal of Instagram code across all our apps. 
  • Javascript Indexing: We’ve begun prototyping support for Javascript-based content in the index.


  • Result Count Display: Instead of displaying the text “1 results” when only one result is returned, we now correctly display “1 result”.
September 07, 2022