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August 2023 release notes


  • Results Page Redesign: We’ve continued progress on updating our frontend components.
    • We connected backend data to the user interface for our related sites feature.
    • We renamed the new “Redesigned Display” page to “Visual design (new)”, and added guidance and navigation tabs.
    • We added the ability to control font settings on the new results page. You will be able to use one font for the page header and a different font for the results body and footer sections.
    • We prepared the backend data for several features: related sites, videos , RSS feeds, and the custom no results page guidance.
    • We implemented the user interface for some features: jobs, no results, RSS feed, and videos.
  • Results matching improvements:
    • We continued working to improve user experience related to searching for alphanumeric strings. We optimized our Spacy model creation to locate alphanumeric strings correctly.
    • We developed a crawler script to identify batches of documents to process through the Spacy model.
    • We added a Python testing suite to our data collector to prepare for future testing.
  • Spider investigations:
    • We are now able to compare the crawl outputs of Scrapy with the same task executed in a local crawler app. This will help us decide whether to use Scrapy as part of our automated content discovery methods.
  • Updates, upgrades, and other codebase improvements:
    • We began implementing MFA for Kibana using GSA SecureAuth.
    • We patched Elasticsearch.
    • We upgraded Rails on one of our repos and our version of jQuery UI.
    • We updated some gems and removed outdated gems. We replaced the outdated gems with new ones as appropriate. We created a new RDS snapshot for staging. We updated Terraform and monitoring configurations for ASIS and i14y in our cookbooks.


  • We investigated and resolved certain error messages in the database.
  • We fixed our Java install process.
September 29, 2023