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How to Add Your YouTube Videos to Our Index

Find it in the Admin Center: Home > Admin Center > YourSite > Manage Content > YouTube

Tell Us About Your YouTube Channel

Provide us with the full URL for your YouTube channel.

Some channels use a visitor-friendly name and are in the user folder (such as for NASA).

Others use an alphanumeric string and are in the channel folder (such as for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory).

Either URL format works.

Opt to Display Your Videos

When you add the URL for your YouTube channel, we’ll automatically index your videos — both your uploaded videos and playlists.

We’ll show the videos by default. You can toggle the settings for showing your videos on the Display Overview page, choosing to show them as a facet, inline module, or both.


Note: We are releasing a true faceted search feature in early 2023. At that point, we will be renaming the existing search facet features to avoid confusion.

Videos Facet on

Inline Module

Inline Module on

You can edit the default facet label, Videos, on the RSS page.

Pro Tip

Do you have a multimedia gallery on your website for your agency’s photos, images, videos, podcasts, or other multimedia content? Do you use a content management system, database, or media RSS (MRSS) feed to power this gallery? You can index MRSS feeds so that your multimedia content is automatically included in your search results.