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Analyzing Your Site's Referrers

Find it in the Admin Center: Home > Admin Center > YourSite > Analytics > Referrers

The Referrers report shows what pages searchers were on when they entered their queries. The current month is shown by default, and the date can be adjusted by using the date selectors at the top of the page and re-generating the report.

You can also toggle between filtered and unfiltered views of the data by clicking on the filter icon () in the top navigation bar. The filtered data represent our best effort to show you real searches performed by your site’s visitors. The unfiltered data include nearly all searches and clicks. Only known spiders (such as Bingbot and Googlebot) are excluded.

Data are available in the Admin Center from the past 13 months.

Top Referrers

The top 1,000 most popular referring URLs for your selected time period, with the most popular listed first.

# of Queries

The number of queries made from a specific referring URL.

View All Queries From This Referring Url

Click on the link to see a list of all the queries that were made from a specific URL, with the most popular listed first (the Queries from a Referring URL report). You can see the number of times each query was made from that URL. You can also click to view a list of all the referring URLs for each unique query (the Referring URLs Leading to a Query report).