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How to Add Javascript for Your Third-party Web Services

Find it in the Admin Center: Home > Admin Center > YourSite > Analytics > 3rd Party Tracking

Do you want your search results page to run third-party web services such as Foresee, Google Analytics, Omniture, Siteimprove, or WebTrends?

  1. Input the JavaScript code you’d like to call from your search results page.
  2. Click submit to send us your request.
  3. We’ll review and reach out if we have any questions.
  4. When confirmed, we will insert the code into your production results page and email you to notify you that the process is complete.

Some tips for commonly used third-party web services follow.

Google Tag Manager

We do not officially support Google Tag Manager. If you add a Google Tag Manager script to our system, we cannot review the individual scripts for content or quality. You assume full responsibility for the scripts managed in your GTM account, and for the script actions that are run on our results page on your behalf. A note about the differences between our third party tracking support and GTM recommendations:

Google Tag Manager script support
Place primary snippet in the head of the html fileSnippet is placed at the end of the body
Place secondary snippet at the beginning of the bodyDoes not place secondary tag

Despite these differences, our agency partners appear to have success in using GTM with our results page.

Google Analytics

Within your Google Analytics account, select the option, Do Track Site Search. Set the query parameter as query. For more information, read Google’s tip, Set Up and Configure Site Search.

Additionally, if you’ve requested domain masking and you want to include the analytics for your subdomain with your main domain, you’ll need to set your domain in your Google Analytics JavaScript by including _gaq.push(['_setDomainName', '']);.

For more information, read Google’s tip, Tracking Multiple Domains.

The code you submit should look something like this:

 <script type="text/javascript">
(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

Digital Analytics Program

Does your federal agency participate in the Digital Analytics Program (DAP)? You don’t need to do anything. We’re already fully integrated with DAP. If you use the domain on your results page, your data will be located within the GSA Agency Profile in DAP. To bring your DAP data into your own agency’s DAP profile, you must set up a domain mask.

Note: You do not need to submit the DAP script to us.


Coordinate with your ForeSee representative and the team to implement your customer satisfaction survey on your results page. The four general steps follow.

  1. Email us at to set up a CNAME for

  2. Update the files path in your Foresee code to use an absolute path instead of a relative path.

    Find => ‘files’: ‘/fsrscripts/’,

    and replace it with => ‘files’: ‘’,

    (Or, find => ‘files’: ‘/foresee/’, and replace it with => ‘files’: ‘https://www.YOURAGENCY/foresee/’,)

    in the following five files.

    • foresee-trigger.js
    • foresee-tracker.js
    • foresee-alive.js
    • foresee-qualifier.js
    • foresee-test.js
  3. Submit your foresee-trigger.js via our Admin Center. It should look something like the following script. <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

  4. We’ll send you an email to confirm that we’ve set up both your CNAME and added the script for your foresee-trigger.js file.

Pro Tip

We use Google Analytics Web analytics software — our own tag plus the Digital Analytics Program tag — by default. Learn more in our terms of service.