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Admin Center Site Overview: What's Happening On Your Site Today

Find it in the Admin Center: Home > Admin Center > YourSite > Dashboard > Site Overview

The Site Overview page provides a snapshot of what has been happening on your site in the past day. All of the analytics in the Admin Center are updated in real time, which means that you instantaneously see the searches and clicks as they’re performed on your site.

You can opt to receive this snapshot as a daily email by clicking on the envelope icon () in the top navigation bar next to your selected site.

You can also toggle between filtered and unfiltered views of the data by clicking on the filter icon () in the top navigation bar. The filtered data represent our best effort to show you real searches performed by your site’s visitors. The unfiltered data include nearly all searches and clicks. Only known spiders (such as Bingbot and Googlebot) are excluded.

Top Queries

A list of the 10 most popular searches on your site. If you don’t have any searches, you’ll see a “Not enough query data available” message.

The data are processed to present “real” searches by humans (that is, the data are de-duped by IP address to remove bot traffic and other noise).

Top Clicked URLs

A list of the top 10 pages that were clicked thru by searchers on your search results page. If you don’t have any clicks, you’ll see a “Not enough query data available” message.

A list of the top 10 changing URLs that were visited by users on your website. If there are any pages that are trending, they’ll appear here.

Use this report to identify newly popular pages on your website. Investigate why pages are trending, if the reason is not immediately apparent.

You’ll only see the trending URLs list if you have our Javascript snippet on your web pages. Data are updated every few minutes, so you may see URLs come and go quickly.

A list of the top 10 search terms with the greatest gain between yesterday and today. If there are any queries that are trending, they’ll appear here.

Use this report to identify newly popular terms. Create new content or update existing content to ensure it’s current, accurate, and complete.

Queries With No Results

A list of the top 10 queries that returned no results.

Use this data to help searchers find your content by adding a Best Bet, updating your existing web pages, or both.

For example, on one agency’s website, a dozen searches for frostline returned no results. The frost line — also known as depth of frost or freezing — is the depth to which the groundwater in soil is expected to freeze. The agency’s pages on the topic referred to this concept as depth of freezing.

Top Queries With Low Click Thrus

A list of the top 10 searches with low click thru rates. If there are any frequently searched terms that returned results but didn’t get a click at least 20% of the time, they’ll appear here.

Use this alert about low click thrus to identify issues with coverage. You may opt to create a Best Bet, add pages that may be missing from the results, or do both to improve recall. Or, you may opt to incorporate language from these popular search terms into your page titles and descriptions, or enter common search terms as keywords, verbatim.

This Month’s Totals to Date

The total number of queries and clicks for the present month-to-date. A click is recorded each time a searcher clicks on a results link.

A graph of your site’s total search queries over time is also presented to provide an overview of how your traffic has trended from the time your agency started using our service (but no further back than the last 13 months). Hover over the trend line to see the total number of queries in a given month.

Pro Tips

  • The Monthly Report gives a bird’s-eye view of the number of queries and clicks each month.
  • Click the pushpin icon in the top navigation bar to change the default site that appears when you first log in to the Admin Center.