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Key for Search Module Codes and Names

We call several different indexes when serving search results, and we present results from each of these indexes in a separate block, or module, on the results page. Each module loads when there are relevant search results to display. Each module has a code, and you’ll see these codes in the Download Details csv files available through the Queries or Clicks pages of the Admin Center analytics section.

This page lists all the module codes and their full names.

Code Module Name
AIDOC      Collections
BBG Best Bets: Graphics
BOOS Best Bets: Text
BSPEL Spelling Suggestions (Bing)
BWEB Web Results (Bing)
DECOR* Value-added Links for SEC Filings
FRDOC Federal Register Documents
I14Y Web Results ( via i14y)
IMAG Image Results (Bing)
LOVER Spelling Overrides (
MEDL Health Topics
NIMAG Image Results (MRSS)
OASIS Image Results (
OSPEL Spelling Suggestions ( Images)
OVER Spelling Overrides (Bing)
QRTD Routed Queries
SPEL Spelling Suggestions (
SREL Related Searches
TWEET* Tweets (Twitter)
VIDS Video Results (YouTube)

* indicates a deprecated module code. Analytics may include data for these modules prior to their deprecation.