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How to Brand Your Results Page

Find it in the Admin Center: Home > Admin Center > YourSite > Manage Display

To customize your search results page and match your site’s brand:

  1. Define your color scheme on the Fonts & Colors page.
  2. Upload your logo on the Image Assets page. (We’ll also link your logo to your homepage using the homepage URL you provide on the Settings page.)
  3. Add your navigation links on the Header & Footer page.

Font & Colors

Font Family. Leave the default font as-is, or select your preferred font family.

Color Scheme. Leave the default color scheme as-is, or select Custom to create a customized scheme. Customize the color of any page element by clicking on it and entering a valid three- or six-digit hex value. You can also pick a color by dragging your mouse inside the color picker window.

Image Assets

Favicon. Provide the URL for your agency’s favicon. (A favicon, short for favorites icon, is the small image associated with your website.)

Logo. Use the Choose File option to upload the logo that you’d like to appear in the header of your results page. Click on the option, Mark Logo for Deletion, to delete an uploaded logo. There isn’t a required dimension. That said, images less than 550 pixels wide and 100 pixels high tend to work best.

If you don’t upload a logo, searchers will simply see the header, Your Site Name. We’ll use the site name you provide on the Settings page.

Logo Alignment. Leave the logo center-aligned, or select Left to make it left-aligned or Right to make it right-aligned. (Right-aligned logos are typically used on sites with right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu.)

Logo Alt Text. Add alt text for your logo. If you don’t add custom alt text, we’ll use the site name you provide on the Settings page as the default alt text.

Tagline. Fill out text for a “tagline” if you’d like one to appear at the very top of your results page header.

The default tagline style uses Georgia (font family), 1.3 em (size), and italic (style). Email us at if you’d like to change the default font family, size, or style.

Menu Button Alignment. Leave the Browse Site “hamburger” menu right-aligned, or select the Left option to make it left-aligned.

Header and Footer Links. Fill out the titles and URLs for the navigation links you’d like to appear in your header and footer. You can add an email address by specifying mailto: within the URL field, such as:

Title: Contact us

Use the list icon (with three horizontal lines) on the left to change the order.

Pro Tips

  • As you change each font and color option, the mini search results page in the upper right-hand corner will update to reflect your changes. Once you click save, the changes will appear on your live site.
  • Our search results page uses a responsive design to ensure it is optimized for searchers anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  • We offer results through our Search Results API, if you’d like to create mash-ups or have complete control of the look and feel of your search results pages. See a feature comparison of our hosted results page vs. our Results API. For detailed information on the Results API, see our documentation on Open GSA.